The project ACT2IMPACT aims to tackle the existing gap between the set of soft skills detained by young adults preparing to enter the labor market and the needs currently required by companies.

In fact because the traditional education system is changing in a very slow mode, solutions to support young adults to face the new challenges of the changing labor market are  highly needed.

The project wants to develop, in 26 months of activity, an upskilling pathway that, through an integrated approach, supports the development of Critical and Creative Thinking soft skills.

Based on an online tool the project aims to present an innovative approach for skills development based on training and learning through highly interactive challenges and exercises alongside with collaborative debates through an online debate forum

Online Platform, where participants can develop critical and creative thinking soft skills, through short and highly interactive training courses, based on strategic challenges and exercises for skills development. The online platform will also include a debate forum, aiming to create debate teams among participants from the different countries of the partnership, promoting collaboration work and interactive learning.

The project aims to develop a solution addressed to:

  1. young adults aged between 20 and 30 years old to permit them to enter more easily in the professional markets,
  2. educators and other training organizations, to support the development of key skills that will contribute to increased chances of professional success and satisfaction in their jobs

In the project are planned 4 different meetings in:

  1. Alicante (Spain) – The 1st project meeting was realized in Alicante (Spain) the 13th and the 14th of January 2020. The hosting organisation was the project coordinator ENTERPRISE UNIVERSITY OF ALICANTE FOUNDATION (FUNDEUN) During the meeting all the project steps were discussed and a plan of the whole activities to be developed was defined and accepted by all partners.
  1. Porto (Portugal)
  2. Potenza (Italy)
  3. Volos (Greece)